Having scoured the world for the finest saw technology we choose the highest quality bridge saw on the market. Visiting the Italian company to vet the machines ourselves left no doubt in our minds that this saw would guarantee the most accurate finish possible.


When it comes to edge polishing technology, Marmo Meccanica lead the world, having produce the finest machines for over 40 years. We’re proud to own their most popular model of edge polisher to allow for a precision finish every time.
Lifetime Guarantee on Material
Lifetime Guarantee on MaterialTrust our superior quality stone
You’re warranty starts from the first day of installation against defective materials for a lifetime period. We hope you’ll never have to call upon this but just in case it’s nice to know you’re covered.
Registered on Companies House
Registered on Companies HouseDEALING WITH A TRUSTED COMPANY
With so many companies out there you might ask yourself ‘who can you trust?’. Carrying out plenty of research will help you make an informed choice and ensuring you’re dealing with a bona fide should be high on your list of checks. Go to the Companies House web link below to search for yourself.
We’re Fully Insurance Backed
We’re Fully Insurance BackedTake the worry out of your experience
We expect every installation to proceed without incident but just in case any damages occur you can relax knowing that we are insured against any such events.


A superb piece of modern engineering, our Denver CNC Work Centre is the heart of our manufacturing process. Capable of completing a massive range of tasks, the CNC work centre can create undermount sink cut outs, drainer grooves, recessed drainers, hot rod trivets, edge profile and much much more. And it does all of this with absolute pinpoint precision for that luxurious finish our customers deserve.


We use the highest quality products and utilise the finest technologies to avoid staining issues. Simply follow our advise for trouble free usage.