Granite Zone Terms and Conditions

In order for us to provide you with the best service and quality, please read the below terms and conditions which govern the purchase of your bespoke worktops. By making a purchase, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time without prior notice, so we encourage you to review them periodically.

Who we are and how to contact us:

  1. Granite Zone Ltd are a company registered in England and Wales under Company Number 06883481. Our Registered Office is Unit 2a Edelle Trading Estate, Quebec Street, Oldham, OL9 6QJ. 
  2. You can contact us by telephone on 0330 016 0000, by email at or by post at Unit 1 Edelle Trading Estate, Quebec Street, Oldham, OL9 6QJ. 
  3. We will contact you in turn by telephone or by writing at the email address or postal address you have provided to us at the point of sale.

Basis of Sale

  1. The contract between you and us shall be deemed active upon receipt of a 15% Deposit for Retail Orders or a 10% Deposit for Trade Orders. The deposit will secure the pricing structure (including any discounts), and the price per square metre of material for 180 days. After this date, the deposit will still count towards the purchase price, but the pricing structure may change.
  2. Deposits may be used to purchase and/or reserve stock materials and allocate labour and resources to fulfil your template and installation. The deposit may therefore be part or non-refundable. 
  3. If we cannot accept or fulfil your order, we will inform you of this and will not charge you for the products you have ordered. Instances where we cannot accept or fulfil your order may include significant changes in currency markets, availability of stock, unexpected limits on resources or because we have identified an error with the price, description or the product you have ordered. Where orders are placed on the basis of such prices, and where the prices cannot be honoured, we reserve the right to amend the original quote with consent from you or withdraw the initial offer and cancel the contract. 
  4. 4. We can only provide our services and materials to mainland UK. Collection may be available to non-mainland UK orders.

Orders and Specifications

  1. Our products are bespoke and made to order, and include a full template, delivery and installation service. 
  2. The specification for the purchase shall be those set out in our sales documentation. We recommend that you review the sales documentation set out in your confirmation email immediately to ensure that the measurements, cut-out details and colour are correct. This is particularly important to check where you have been quoted off-plan, as human error can occur. Granite Zone cannot be held responsible for any errors that have occurred in pricing.
  3. All stone remnants remain the property of Granite Zone and will not be processed or delivered unless included in your sales documentation. 

Our right to make changes

  1. We reserve the right to make small changes to your order to conform to any applicable safety, statutory or regulatory requirements, to reflect any findings or requirements established during template and to implement any minor technical adjustments and improvements to our products.
  2. We will not make any significant change to your order without prior consultation to you. 

Site Survey / Template

  1. Once the Order has been placed and a Deposit has been received, we can arrange a date for your Template Appointment. Please note Granite Zone deems the period between Christmas and New Year as ‘non-working days’, therefore we will not carry out any services during these dates. 

To ensure that your template appointment can be fulfilled, you must ensure:

13.1 All supporting structures are securely assembled, fixed in place and suitably levelled by the installer. It is not the responsibility of Granite Zone to assess the levels, and the final level achieved can only be as good as the supporting structures below. 

13.2 Any appliances to be fitted within the stone are on site and disconnected (with the exception of a Belfast Sink and Downdraft Extractor which must be fitted in the final positions). 

13.3 Any temporary of existing worktops must be completely removed, including splashbacks, upstands and windowsills where appropriate.

13.4 A “Key Decision Maker” is a person authorised by the customer to make decisions and sign off the template on their behalf if they cannot be present for the template appointment. The Key Decision maker must sign off on the specifications of the template and Granite Zone cannot be responsible where a key decision maker makes a decision on behalf of the customer that later turns out to be incorrect.

13.5 The walls and flooring need to be finished for the template as they will be for the final installation, including, but not limited to; removing tiles, plaster work and flooring (if you are having a waterfall End-Panel and you wish for this to sit on top of your flooring.

  1. You can book a Template Appointment once our Template Criteria has been met.
  2. Once your appointment has been confirmed we will confirm in writing the details of your appointment. We will endeavour to arrange your appointment for your preferred date or at our earliest available time, however appointments are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. If you need to change the date of your appointment please contact us as soon as possible and at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours prior, you will be charged a £150.00 aborted appointment fee. This will need to be paid prior to the second appointment booking. 
  3. You are expected to tell us about any potential difficult access. If at template it is established we cannot install the worktops due to access, you will still be charged for the template. 
  4. Each Template is carried out at its own merit. You must specify all items pertaining to your order, Including any specific features or desires, to the templator during the appointment. Any quoted items, features or desires not requested at the appointment will be presumed as no longer required.
  5. We ask that you carefully consider all of your options prior to your template appointment, including, but not limited to; position of joints (which may affect slab usage and your final quote), option for upstands, drainer grooves, pop-up sockets, radius, breakfronts and material thickness. Changes requested post-template may not be granted, and an additional template may be required which is chargeable at full price. If we do accept any changes post-template, you will bear all responsibility and liability for the changes made. We may also request payment in full pre-production. We accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies or missing items arising thereafter even where information has been relayed to us.
  6. Where Granite Zone Ltd cannot carry out the template, an accredited, qualified and regular Contractor will be assigned to template the worktops on our behalf. Granite Zone Ltd covers all workmanship carried out, including works carried out by a Contracted templater. 
  7. Where a template has not been conducted by Granite Zone or an authorised representative, you will bear responsibility for any error in manufacturing sizes and specifications of the goods.
  8. If we turn up to site on the agreed date and it is not ready for template, there are items missing or we simply cannot complete the template in full, you will incur a charge of £150.00 + VAT. The appointment will be rescheduled upon notification that any necessary changes have been made and you are now ready for template. 
  9. Once the template file has been returned to the office, it will be cross-referenced against your original quote. We will contact you prior to production to confirm the final specifications of your order by telephone and email. We will need a reply, in writing, to confirm we can proceed with fabrication. We cannot be held responsible for any delays that occur if you are not contactable following on from your template appointment or if you do not respond to the pre-installation checklist within the agreed timeframe. 

Installation Process

  1. On the basis that the above pre-template requisites have been adhered to, the installation process will be seamless.  We aim to install your worktop within 7-10 working days from your template appointment. During the build up to Christmas, Easter or any other busy periods, the lead times may be subject to change. Please note Granite Zone deems the period between Christmas and New Year as ‘non-working days’, therefore your installation will not take place during these dates.
  2. All materials fabricated by us undergo a rigorous quality control check before it leaves our factory. If for any reason we are not happy with any element of the job, we reserve the right to reject it. This may affect your installation date, but you will be notified of this immediately.  
  3. If we turn up to a pre-arranged installation appointment and the installation cannot go ahead you will incur a charge between £250.00 – £750.00, depending on travel time and the location. Similarly, if any additional work is required to be carried out before the installation can commence including, but not limited to adding support, removing existing worktops or disconnecting plumbing, a waiting charge of £60.00 per hour will incur.  
  4. Due to the complexity of processing and installation of stone worktops, the installation of worktops may not always be completed in a single visit and may require additional visits possibly on non-concurrent days. Granite Zone will not compensate for delays caused by lost work time, service engineers call-out charges, down-time, nor any other charges associated with delays caused due to revisit requirements.
  5. It is highly likely that adjustments and alterations will be required to kitchen cabinets to allow appliances to fit in conjunction with the worktops. This may include, but is not limited to trimming the carcass at the front or the back and/or removal of posts and rails; any required processing is entirely at the behest and liability of the customer.
  6. Fitting of worktops to walls will be done to the best standard possible provided that walls are square or straight. The installation team may need to make minor alterations in order to obtain the best fit possible. All splashbacks, tiling, upstands or alike should be carried out after installation has been completed.
  7. We recommend that decorating work is carried out after the installation of Granite, Quartz or Ceramic. If painting and decorating is carried out prior to the installation and is damaged or marked, Granite Zone Ltd cannot accept liability.
  8. We will not carry out any works in relation to the disconnection or reconnection of any plumbed appliances, it is your responsibility to ensure that disconnection and reconnection is carried out by a suitably qualified tradesperson.
  9. We will not seal any inset appliance, nor carry out electrical, gas or plumbing work unless specifically stated on quote.
  10. We will not be responsible for making water tight seals where the bottom upstands meet worktops or the tops of the upstands meet the walls.
  11. All undermount sinks will be fitted into place and sealed during installation.
  12. Although each installation will attempt to work causing the minimum of noise, dirt or other disruption that some of these will occur during the installation process as this is unavoidable.
  13. The processing of stone worktops is similar to building works and as such can cause dust and debris to fall on parts of your property inside or outside. We will maintain cleanliness as best as possible in all circumstances.
  14. We will provide both Granite Aftercare advice and Quartz Aftercare advice which must be adhered to to maintain the warranty guarantee.
  15. Where Granite Zone Ltd cannot carry out the installation, an accredited, qualified and regular Contractor will be assigned to install the worktops on our behalf. Granite Zone Ltd covers all workmanship carried out, including works carried out by a Contracted installer.
  16. We advise you not to book any trade service prior to the completion of your installation. Trades should not be arranged based on the dates provided by Granite Zone, and therefore we cannot cover costs for cancelled visits from other trades due to delays. 

Price and Payment

  1. The price of the products will be indicated on the sales documentation that is issued in the confirmation email. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the price of the product is correct, it is possible that despite our best efforts, the products may be incorrectly priced. Where this occurs and the correct pricing is higher than what was quoted, we will contact you for your instructions before we proceed with your order. If we accept and process your order where a pricing error is obvious, unmistakable and could have been easily identified by you as mispricing, we may end the contract and refund you any sums you have paid. 
  2. The price of the order shall be the price listed in pounds sterling current at the date of acceptance of your order. All prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.
  3. If you proceed with choosing Granite Zone as your worktop provider, a deposit is required to confirm the order. A template will be carried out where suitability and accurate measurements are obtained. We will contact you post-template and notify you of any price differences. We will not begin to process your order until we have received written confirmation from you that you are happy to proceed, and for Trade Orders, until the 40% pre-fabrication balance has also been settled. The remaining balance, less the deposit(s), is due on the day of completion of the installation, prior to the installation team leaving the premises. Payment must be made in full cleared funds. We accept cash and all major credit and debit cards (excluding American Express) No goods will be left with the buyer unless cleared payment has been received. 
  4. Interest may be charged on payments outstanding for more than 7 days post-installation in line with reasonable Seller losses.
  5. Any chargebacks made under Scheme Rules will incur a charge per day starting from and including first day of retraction up to and including day of return of funds, in line with reasonable losses. Where legal action is required to obtain full or partial payment, you will be liable to indemnify us for any legal costs.  
  6. Where a claim for faulty goods or services is made by you and it is found that Granite Zone is not liable, you are required to indemnify any call out charges and/or legal fees that may have been incurred.


  1. As well as our legal duty to supply the products in line with this contract, we also provide a Granite Zone warranty on all purchases. 
  2. The Granite Zone warranty must be registered within 60 days from the date of installation by sending an email to along with your name, address, date of installation and invoice number. All quartz material installed by Granite Zone Ltd is also guaranteed by the products supplier directly. Such guarantees must be registered with the supplier according to their terms and conditions. This must be requested by the customer directly and not by Granite Zone Ltd. 
  3. Granite Zone Ltd reserves the right to decline any free warranty services if the requirements in the preceding paragraphs have not been met, or if customer information is false, illegible or incomplete.
  4. The warranty obligates Granite Zone Limited to make right errors occurring due to installation issues for the lifetime of the installation. This warranty covers installation issues made by Granite Zone Ltd on installations of granite, quartz and ceramic surfaces installed as countertops, flooring, cladding and wall covering permanently installed in the interior of a property of the warranty holder where installation was completed by Granite Zone Limited. 
  5. The warranty excludes; any issues which are directly or indirectly caused by work, repair, or any other intervention carried out by third parties not relating to Granite Zone Ltd, including: problems caused by incorrect finish, modification, or manipulation of the original installation, performed by third parties not related to Granite Zone, failing joints where kitchen units have settled, sunk or deteriorated over time, issues caused by water ingress, Silicone claims made after six months and Damage arising from deficits or omission in the technical projects on which the buildings are executed, in which Granite Zone Ltds products are installed. 

Care and Maintenance

  1. The care and maintenance guidelines for all of our products are available on our website. These guidelines must be adhered to and Granite Zone will not carry out any remedial works if the guidelines have not been followed. If there is a problem with the product:
  2. Please report any issues with the product directly to Granite Zone on 0330 016 0000 or email us at, providing your Name, Address, Installation Date and Invoice Number.
  3. If you need detailed advice surrounding your legal rights, we recommend you seek independent legal advice or contact your local Citizens Advice, or from out Furniture Ombudsman mediation services with Which? Trusted Traders. 

Material and tolerances

  1. Granite, quartz and Ceramic are natural materials and minor variations in colour can occur when viewed under artificial or natural lighting. We cannot guarantee an exact colour match along the length of any given worktop, nor can we guarantee the quantity of quartz contained within the material used will be equal to that of the sample first supplied.
  2. Any samples provided are indicative of an area of the slab only, shown on a reduced scale. It may therefore be subject to variations in colour, pattern, shade and particle structure, and may not show all of the characteristics of the slab. Samples should only be used as a reference guide only. You are welcome to view the slab prior to production at our fabrication centre by appointment only. 
  3. Granite, Quartz and Ceramic may have natural inclusions within them including but not limited to pitting, veining, shakes and fissures.
  4. Fabrication finishes such as edge profiles, shaping, under-polishing, polished cut outs and grooves will be finished as closely as possible to the surface finish, however these finishes may not match the surfaces exactly and may appear shinier / duller due to different polishing processes and the natural variation of stone.
  5. Vein-matching is not guaranteed between adjoining worktops, worktops to upstands / splashbacks, adjoining upstands / splashbacks, worktops to down-stands, and worktops to end panels. We reserve the right to process the materials in the most economic manner possible unless otherwise stated at time of template. Any vein-matching requests which would require any additional material purchase will be charged as an extra.
  6. All jointing compounds or caulking materials used will be matched to the worktop colour using stock colours only and not colour-matched exactly by mixing colours unless specifically agreed within the quote. 
  7. Tolerance Table:
Worktop to worktop join:2mm +/- 1mm
Upstand, Splashback, Cladding join:2mm +/- 1mm
Gaps between worktops and tall housing:2mm +/- 1mm
Gaps between splashback and extractor:4mm +/- 1mm
Gaps between cladding and wall units:4mm +/- 1mm 
Overhang consistency from carcass on units4mm +/- 1mm
Overhang consistency from carcass on end panel4mm +/- 1mm
Overhang on undermount sinks 4mm +/- 2mm
Overhang on undermount ceramic sinks 6mm +/- 2mm
Material pitting and contaminants size conformity 1.5mm diameter
  1. In view of the above, as the worktops supplied may have a variance in thickness, they may not fit below existing tiling or cladding. Granite Zone is not responsible for adjusting tiling or kitchen units in order to make worktops fit below tiling or cladding. 

Our responsibility for Loss or Damages suffered by you:

  1. We hold responsibility towards you for foreseeable loss and damage resulting from our actions. In case we fail to adhere to these terms, we are accountable for any loss or damage incurred by you that is a foreseeable consequence of our breach of contract or lack of reasonable care and skill. However, we are not liable for any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable. Loss or damage is deemed foreseeable if it is evident that it will occur or if both parties were aware of the possibility of it happening at the time the contract was formed, such as during the sales process discussions.
  2. We do not exclude or limit our liability to you where such exclusion or limitation is unlawful. This includes liability for negligence leading to death or personal injury, fraudulent misrepresentation, or breach of your legal rights regarding the Products. These rights include the right to receive Products that are accurately described, of satisfactory quality, fit for any disclosed purpose, supplied with reasonable skill and care, and, if installed by us, correctly installed. Additionally, we are liable for defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.
  3. In the event that we provide services, such as templates and installations, within your property, we will rectify any damage caused by us during the provision of these services. However, we are not accountable for repairing pre-existing faults or damages to your property that are discovered during the service provision.
  4. Our liability does not extend to business losses. We solely supply Products through our website and our showroom for domestic and private use. Therefore, if you utilise the Products for commercial, business, or resale purposes, we bear no liability for any resulting loss of profit, business interruption, or missed business opportunities.


  1. We reserve the right to transfer this agreement to another party, including our rights and obligations under these terms, to another organisation. Should such a transfer occur, we will notify you in writing, ensuring that the transfer does not affect your rights under the contract.
  2. To transfer your rights or obligations under these terms to another person, you must obtain our written consent. 
  3. This contract is solely between you and us, and no other individual has rights to enforce its terms. Neither party requires the agreement of any third party to terminate the contract or make changes to these terms.
  4. If any part of this contract is deemed illegal by a court, the remaining provisions will remain in effect. Each paragraph of these terms operates independently, and if any are deemed unlawful, the rest will remain valid.
  5. Even if we delay in enforcing this contract, we can still enforce it later. Our failure to immediately insist on compliance with these terms or to take action against you for breaching the contract does not waive our right to do so at a later time. For instance, if you miss a payment and we don’t immediately pursue it, we can still require payment later.
  6. This contract is governed by English law, and legal proceedings concerning the Products can be brought in English courts. If you reside in Scotland, you may choose to bring legal proceedings in either Scottish or English courts.

Confidentiality and how we may use your personal information: 

  1. We may collect personal information from you directly or from third parties, including but not limited to your name, contact information, payment details, and browsing behaviour.
  2. Your personal information will be used for purposes including but not limited to; processing your orders, managing your account, providing customer support, personalising your experience, and sending you marketing communications if you have opted in.
  3. We may disclose your personal information to third parties such as service providers, payment processors, shipping companies, and marketing partners, solely for the purposes outlined in this policy.
  4. We take reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.
  5. We will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this policy or as required by law.
  6. You have the right to access, correct, or delete your personal information, as well as to object to or restrict its processing. You may exercise these rights by contacting us using the information provided below.
  7. We may update this policy from time to time, and any changes will be reflected within the terms and conditions.

Force Majeure

  1. Neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in performing their obligations under this contract to the extent that such failure or delay is caused by circumstances beyond their reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, fires, explosions, strikes, riots, acts of war, terrorism, governmental actions, or any other similar events (“Force Majeure Event”).
  2. The party affected by a Force Majeure Event shall promptly notify the other party in writing, providing details of the event and its expected impact on their ability to perform under this contract. The affected party shall use all reasonable efforts to mitigate the effects of the Force Majeure Event.
  3. During the continuance of a Force Majeure Event, the obligations of the affected party under this contract shall be suspended to the extent affected by the event. The affected party shall be excused from performance of its obligations for the duration of the Force Majeure Event, and the time for performance shall be extended for a period equal to the duration of the event.

Complaints Procedure

  1. Our full complaints procedure is available to view at however if you wish to complain please either call us on 0330 016 0000 or write to us at Granite Zone, Unit 2a Edelle Trading Estate, Quebec Street, Oldham, OL9 6QJ or email us at We aim to respond within 3 working days of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised.