Quartz, a non-porous material, is carefully engineered to be highly resistant to both stains and scratches, and made to almost any conceivable colour and design. This hard-wearing stone makes our selection of quartz worktops a superb choice for anyone looking for both style and practicality. Whether you’re after a black shimmery worktop, a sophisticated white-veined quartz, or perhaps our popular Nougat, which has large flecks of crushed glass, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection of quartz worktops. Don’t forget to order your free sample!

Marine White

"Marine White" quartz, with its radiant crystal ice calacatta veins, presents a canvas of pure elegance. The delicate, frost-like patterns weave across a crisp white surface, bringing a serene sophistication…

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £176/SQM £251/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Calacatta Oro

It's striking and subtle in equal measures, with a white base and light grey, dark grey and golden veining.

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £176/SQM £251/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Super White

Super White Quartz is clean, unfussy, simple and beautiful. If you want a highly practical kitchen worktop, which matches with any kitchen style and colour scheme, Super White Quartz is…

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £111/SQM £157/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Manhattan Black

"Manhattan Black" quartz, with its signature Calacatta-style long veins, merges metropolitan flair with classic luxury. The striking contrast of its elongated black and grey streaks against the white canvas evokes…

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £176/SQM £251/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Black Diamond

A striking jet black quartz countertop, with large and irregular flecks throughout which sparkle as they catch the light. Check out Black Shimmer Quartz for a similar look, wit smaller…

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £90/SQM £129/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Pietra Modena

Pietra Modena quartz is a dark stone, almost black in appearance. It has lighter marbling and benefits from the hardiness and durability of quartz. Also be sure to check out…

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £170/SQM £243/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Elegant Grey

Elegant Grey is a clean, simple and sophisticated quartz, ideal for your kitchen worktop. Order your free sample today.

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £104/SQM £148/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Drift Grey

Drift grey is light and natural-looking, with a small hint of white. Quartz is durable, hard-wearing and affordable.

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £133/SQM £190/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Cemento Matt

Are you looking for a dark grey, smooth and polished kitchen worktop? This Cemento Spa quartz countertop is modern, sleek, stylish and affordable.

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £142/SQM £203/SQM

    Sale -30%
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Aluminium Stardust

Aluminium stardust quartz is a highly popular light grey quartz worktop with small flecks, very similar to Aluminium Nube from Silestone. Get in touch today to arrange a visit or…

  • ImmerQuartz
  • FROM £99/SQM £142/SQM

    Sale -30%
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What is Quartz?

Granite Zone is the UK’s premier supplier of quartz kitchen worktops and countertops, so you are in the right place. Quartz can be made in almost any conceivable colour and design. Our worktops are a superb choice for anyone looking for both style and practicality.

Is quartz a good kitchen worktop surface? We definitely think it is. Whether you’re after a marble effect quartz worktop, a shimmery black look, a sophisticated white quartz kitchen worktop or our popular Nougat style with large flecks of crushed glass, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. Don’t forget to order your FREE sample!

We are able to offer branded materials from the following suppliers:

The Benefits of Quartz Worktops

Quartz can add a sophisticated and modern touch to any kitchen. Unlike granite, it is a man-made stone that is engineered from crushed crystals. It is homogeneous, meaning it has uniform colours and patterns which make it a lot easier to match during the installation process. Quartz worktops are made by mixing crushed stone with pigments. This means that slabs and tiles come in a wide variety of colours.

Quartz surfaces are hard-wearing and long-lasting, and will serve you well for decades. Quartz worktop prices mean they are affordable for almost every home Quartz can add value to your home making it an ideal investment.

For many, the heart of the home is the kitchen; for this reason, keep in mind the importance of picking a pattern that you will not only love now but also in 20 years’ time! Our top tip is to choose bold colours with care – remembering that the larger the crystal granules within the worktop, the busier your surfaces will look, particularly in a small room.

With quartz worktops, you needn’t worry about staining on brighter colour designs. Even the lightest and brightest choices can withstand staining.

Varieties Of Quartz

In the UK, quartz is available in around fifty different colours. As it is a man-made product, it can offer qualities that granite cannot such as the inclusion of mirror chips, crushed glass and even seashells. This means Granite Zone can offer an impressive variety of modern, unique and fun finishes not available in natural
granite. The most popular of our materials include:

  1. Starlight Black Mirror
  2. Ice White Mirror
  3. Crema (plain cream)

When you’ve picked your desired style, get samples sent to your home, where you can view them in your own environment and in both natural and artificial light and see how the pattern will look in your kitchen

How To Care For Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a non-porous material carefully engineered to be highly resistant to both stains and scratches. However, to keep it in pristine condition, you’ll need to follow a few simple maintenance guidelines.

General Worktop Usage

Quartz is tough and hard-wearing. Because of this, our range a superb choice for anyone looking for both style and practicality. Whatever you are looking for, we are confident you’ll find it in our selection. By following our advice, you’ll have something to treasure for a lifetime.

Quartz kitchen countertops are very scratch-resistant, but knives and other sharp implements can make worktops look dull and scratched over time. To avoid this, it is important to always use a chopping board. After preparing food on any of your quartz surfaces, always wipe down with a damp cloth straight after use.

Take care not to knock or hit your quartz kitchen top as they can get chipped. Using your worktop edges as a bottle opener, for example, is definitely not recommended! Should the worst happen, and you countertop is damaged, chips on edges are repairable, although this will be an unwanted and unnecessary cost.

What are the problems with quartz countertops? As a material, quartz is more heat resistant than granite. However, it can still, be damaged by rapid temperature changes. Placemats and trivets under cooking appliances like roaster ovens and fryers too are highly recommended.

Lastly, ensure that no one stands or kneels on your quartz surfaces, countertops or worktops. Not only can shoes scratch the surface, but additional pressure in a small area can lead to cracks.

Cleaning Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is completely non-porous which means it is not susceptible to ‘etching’ stains however strong acidic or alkaline substances, such as orange juice or cola, can cause damage. It is best ensure that any spillages are cleaned up immediately with a natural cleaner.

There’s no need to spend on specialist quartz worktop cleaners. Keeping the surfaces in your kitchen shining by using natural gentle soap and warm water is fine. You can then buff the surface with a dry cloth. You should not clean quartz with abrasive bleach, silicone or ammonia-based products as this can easily cause damage. Products containing Trichloroethylene or Methylene chloride (like paint strippers) will cause significant damage.

Coarse sponges or scouring pads are best avoided too as they may scratch the surface. For major stains, always seek the advice of an expert who can help you remove them without causing irreversible damage.

If you have a special requirement, please get in touch with your dimensions. We will be happy to help with a quotation.