On the day of template, the team will use wood strips, plastic Corex or laser/line templators to create a full template of your kitchen.  It's important that your kitchen is ready before the team arrive, since improperly prepared kitchens can lead to delays and re-visit costs.

The kitchen itself must be fully fitted and level, ready for the template. Existing worktops may have to be removed to allow for more accurate measurements (our office staff will confirm all relevant details prior to booking the visit).

For a more in-depth insight into requirements prior to template, which covers everything you need to know.

On the day of template, the team will use wood strips, plastic Corex or laser/line templators to create a full template of your kitchen.  Our team will also access site access, parking and set up areas to attempt to avoid any potential issues on the actual day of installation.

It's important that your kitchen is ready before the team arrive, since improperly prepared kitchens can lead to delays and re-visit costs.

We always ask the customer to prepare the kitchen with the following criteria:

  1. The Kitchen needs to be fully fitted and secure in place. This includes all structures that would support the worktops and these must be fully assembled and fixed in place.

  2. Kitchen units needs to be level all around to ensure accurate templating.

  3. Ensure that there are no existing or temporary worktops currently on the kitchen units OR ensure that they are removed prior to our arrival.  This may also require hobs, sinks and taps (and other worktop connected apparel) to be disconnected and removed.

  4. All appliances to be fix into / on top of the worktops, cladding, splash back or any other fitted area of stone, must be on site during the template survey.

  5. Please ensure that the Decision Maker is on-site during the template. Various questions will need to be answered during the template regarding overhang, upstands, sink positions, etc and a Decision Maker needs to answer these questions.  This does not necessarily need to be the customer however the person who makes these decisions will ultimately be responsible for the decisions made.

    That's it!  A full template will be taken on the day which will take from 30-120 minutes depending on the complexity of the job.  Once complete the office will be given a copy of the template and will be in touch with the customer to proceed with the next step of the installation.

  6. The sink and hob carcasses must be cut out by the kitchen installer to ensure the appliance will fit into the unit after the worktops have been fitted.

A quartz worktop can add a sophisticated and modern touch to any kitchen, but it can be a big purchase that needs a lot of consideration. to making sure you pick the best style, workmanship and guarantee for your worktops.

Quartz Style

Unlike granite, quartz is a man-made stone that is engineered from crushed quartz stone. It is homogeneous meaning it has uniform colours and patterns which make it a lot easier to match during the installation process. Quartz worktops are made by mixing quartz with pigment which means that slabs and tiles come in a wide variety of colours.

Keep in mind that quartz worktops are long lasting, and may last you for generations, so you need to pick a pattern that you can love now and in 20 years’ time! Remember that the larger the quartz granules within the worktop, the busier your surfaces will look in a small room.

With quartz worktops, you need not worry about staining on brighter colour designs. Even the lightest quartz stone can withstand staining.

When you’ve picked the quartz design that takes your fancy, insist on quartz samples to be sent to your home. Here you can view them in your own environment and both natural and artificial light to see how the pattern will really look in your kitchen.


When it comes to buying Quartz, value should always be a priority over cost. ‘Cheap’ can mean lacking in quality. Paying a little extra for service you can trust is always a good idea, especially with such a large purchase. Knowing whether a fitter offers quality workmanship and service is tricky without dealing with them first. So, speak to retailers as much as possible, ask questions and work out whether they’re willing to go the extra mile for you during the selection process.

Be aware of quartz fitters that want a deposit or upfront payment before you have your stone installed. This usually signals a lack of confidence in a company’s own workmanship.


When maintained in the correct way, quartz work surfaces can last for many years. Quartz and granite companies are well aware of this, and trustworthy fitters will include a long-term guarantee with your quartz purchase. This will cover any unfortunate – and unlikely – issues that arise within the worktop. Be wary of any quartz retailer who doesn’t include a guarantee with your stone.

Anyone considering buying a new kitchen, or simply thinking of installing new worktops, will find a number of affordable stone worktops to choose from. Both granite and quartz work surfaces were once exclusive purchases, but now the importation of 1000s of containers worth from India, China, Europe and elsewhere around the world, make this product much less expensive.

One very valid question we’re often asked is “What’s the difference between granite worktops and quartz worktops?”


Granite Worktops

Granite is a natural product that can be sourced from all over the globe. It is a rock formation that has been formed over billions of years under the ground. Unfortunately, certain varieties of granite will ultimately run out once mining has reached its limits.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz is an engineered stone, meaning it is man-made. It is made from the natural coloured quartz than can be mined from the ground. The blocks of quartz that form kitchen worktops are formed by machines that combine crushed quartz with resins, glues and enhancers. Producing a consistency of 93% crushed quartz and 7% bonding agents, the process that quartz undergoes to form a solid surface is called vibrocompaction. This process also allows for the additions of remarkable extras which are not found in natural stone. These extras give beautiful, elegant and sometimes just plain fun finishes.

In both cases, these blocks are cut into slabs of 2-3 cm thicknesses and polished to make worktops, upstands, splashback and tiles. They are then shipped to the UK.


Granite Variety

There are easily over 200 varieties of natural Granite ranges available in the UK. The most popular ranges include Star Galaxy, Baltic Brown, Black Pearl and Absolute Black.

Quartz Variety

In the UK, Quartz is available in about 50 different colours. As it’s a man-made product, Quartz can offer qualities that granite cannot such as the inclusion of mirror chips, crushed glass and sea-shells. This means that Quartz offers an impressive variety of modern, unique and fun finishes not available in natural Granite. Popular ranges include Starlight Black Mirror, Ice White Mirror and Carrera.


The finished look offered by both granite and quartz kitchen worktops is elegant and stunning. However, due to the different properties and nature of each stone, the surface you choose will depend on the finish you would like to achieve.

Granite Finish

Granite worktops offer a variety of finishes from traditional to modern, depending on the colour you choose. The most popular granites are black; offering a simple contemporary finish with modern shaker style units. Pearl granites are ideal for an amazing traditional look. Having said that, Absolute Black can work with any kitchen style – the saying ‘black goes with everything’ certainly applies here.

Quartz Finish

If you’d like an ultra-modern finish, quartz is the way to go. Though black granite can offer a modern finish, nothing is quite as contemporary looking as quality quartz. If you’re going to get slab doors, quartz is highly recommended for these too – for a sleek and sophisticated appearance.


Both granite and quartz are very tough, hard-wearing materials. In most cases you will not experience any problems with durability, making either a high-value investment.

However, if problems do occur (like staining) it is almost always with granite. Granite is more porous and therefore more susceptible to staining if not looked after correctly.

In comparison, quartz is pretty much resistant to staining, scratches and heat, due to its man-made properties. Please take that with a pinch of salt however, neither are completely bullet-proof.

Most companies provide specific aftercare advice to help you look after your worktops. If you would like more information on how to keep your granite or quartz in tip-top condition please see our blog on Granite Worktop Care.


When it comes to deciding whether quartz or granite is more suitable, there’s no right or wrong – it’s all down to individual tastes. In brief, quartz works best for those who have a contemporary taste whilst granite works well for both modern and traditional looks. There are a few exceptions to the rules in both cases; Grey Naturale quartz offers a fairly traditional finish, whilst Absolute Black can produce a modern granite worktop.

Yes.  The materials are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and the installation service against incorrect fitting for the lifetime of the product.

Yes. We feel it’s very important to have accredited back from so that you can feel safe in our hands.

We are both a member of Check-A-Trade and Which? Trusted Trade, the latter being a very exclusive organisation which only accepts companies after vigorous financial and reviewed based vetting.

There are over 100 testimonials on our website.

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Once you’ve submitted your quote, it will be ready in less than 30 minutes (during working hours). You can call our main office on 0330 016 0000 but usually someone will call you directly to discuss your requirements. Once discussed, your quote will be sent to you via email.

The cost of any project will vary dependant on several factors, such as the type of material chosen, the number of "options" required like undermount sink cut outs, drainer grooves and upstands, and the size of the kitchen itself.

No two projects are the same, however the average cost of a full kitchen project based on last year’s averages was between £1,700 and £2,500.

For an exact price, please call our office on 0330 016 0000 to discuss in full.

Upstands are lengths of material cut into strips typically 100mm high (although they can be any height).  These are the fixed on the the wall above the worktops to provide a feature.

to see a picture of an upstand.

Upstands are lengths of material cut into strips typically 100mm high (although they can be any height).  These are the fixed on the the wall above the worktops to provide a feature.

The have a second purpose which is to help and protect the wall area form splashes.

Inset sinks sit on top of worktops and Undermount sinks are bonded below the worktop itself.

For a fuller explanation,

Inset Sink

This is the standard type of sink that has existed for many years.  The sink is completely self-contained with it's own drainer board and is fitted above the worktop.  The cut out for this type of sink is called an "inset" cut out, and is rough and unpolished, since the edges of the cut-out will never be seen once the sink is dropped in place.

Undermount Sink

This is a much newer and modern concept of cut out.  The stone is cut to the shape and size of the sink (usually cut slightly smaller to allow for an overhang), and the sink is fixed to the underside of the worktop, to give a visually exciting finish.  Typically undermount sinks are accompanied with drainer grooves, which are carved into the stone itself.

Yes, prices will include installation unless otherwise requested and we do offer installation as standard. You may choose to install the worktops yourself however this should only be carried out by extremely experienced stonemasons.

Absolutely! It’s one of the key factors that helps our customers to make their final decision. Single samples are usually sent completely free of charge subject to us having an understanding of your project.

We would always ask for a conversation first to firm up your requirements and to make suggestions on which samples may work best with your project requirements, after which we will send a sample to you by registered courier. Samples usually arrive next working day.

Granite is a natural material and so sizes vary depending on the block sizes and also the type of granite itself.  Block sizes in granite are generally 2.6m to 3.4m in length, and 1.6m to 3.4m in width.

Quartz worktops come in 2 common sizes; 3m x 1.4m and 3.2 x 1.6m.

It's always best to ask about available sizes even before planning your kitchen.

Yes we can supply and install marble however you should be aware that marble is generally not suitable for kitchen countertops.

For a more in-depth explanation of marble usage,

Marble is best used for cladding, bathroom vanities and flooring.

As a worktop, marble to a precarious material.  Since it is so soft, is has high instances of staining when used as a worktop.  We always make customers aware of the potential issues before manufacture and purchase of marble, and advise extreme caution if using as a countertop.

More and more Quartz worktops are now being made to resemble natural marble, such as our Kashmir and Arabesque.  These are a much more attractive option since quartz is almost extremely hardy to staining.

This depends on which granite and quartz materials are being compared.

The most popular Quartz worktops, such as Starlight Black and Ice White, are generally equally priced to the most popular Granites, such as Absolute Black and Star Galaxy. However there are exceptions. Some granites (quartzite) can cost as much as £2,000 per slab whilst the most expensive quartz worktops come in at around £3,500 per slab.

The simple answer to that is a definite NO!

Worktop materials vary immensely in quality, so it's best to ask for advice before buying. There are some "too good to be true" prices out there and these should be treated with extreme caution.

Low quality stones can dis-colour very easily, crack under simple pressure, mark and scratch easily, or burn under even low amounts of heat.  You may be able to save some money in the short term, but it's often a false economy.  Time and time again we remove poor quality stones fitted by other granite companies which we then replace with our premium grade stone; at considerable expense to the customer.

At Granite Zone we only use premium grade materials, offer a full guarantee and are fully vetted by Which? Trusted Trade.

Ceramic is a revolutionary compact surface that combines high performance, trendy colours, large format slabs and variable thicknesses that will provide solutions for every possible application (counter tops, flooring, bathrooms, paneling, cladding, facades). These materials are available in various thicknesses from 6mm which is deal for cladding, up to 30mm which is perfect for worktops.

Each of the stone materials offered by Granite Zone have their own unique properties. Granite, Quartz and Ceramic are very resistant to stains, scratches and heat. Marble is extremely porous and so is not very resistant to staining, making it quite unsuitable for worktops. Lighter granites can often be more susceptible to staining as well.

For advice please call 0330 016 0000 to discuss options with our experts.

Generally no however in some limited circumstance this might be available for an additional cost. We would ask you to speak to one of our representatives on 0330 016 0000 to clarify.

Yes we carry out national installations to any of the mainland UK.

Unfortunately we do not carry out any services since these require qualified gas engineers.

Yes we will fix and stick all undermounts sinks as part of our service. Inset sinks will be checked ensure that the cut out is correct, however these would not be fixed in place since your plumbing engineer may wish to access pipework below.

We should point out that we do not carry out the plumbing work required to connect your sink.

The length of time required from order to template will vary depending on the volume of current orders, however as a rough guide, we will usually be able to complete a template within 7 days of order.

Processing times will vary greatly from job to job depending on the complexity. Usually we would endeavour to complete an installation within 7 days of template, but this time can also be affected during busy periods.

Yes we sell both sinks and taps. They are available to view here.

Yes.  The materials are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and the installation service against incorrect fitting for the lifetime of the product.

This depends on how flat your walls are.  Stone worktops are cut straight and so if walls are bowed then small gaps can occur.  In such cases, neat corking can be used to fill the gaps and make them water-tight; please note that we do not complete this corking as standard.  You can also have upstands fitted to cover these small gaps.

Worktop joins are very neat and tidy however not invisible since it is stone at it’s core. Every effort is made to ensure the joins as small as possible and filled in a similar colour (or in clear) to the worktop.

Generally, no.  Our team would come to you to carry out a template prior to processing, and that is then completed at out factory unit.  On-site processing may consist of a minimal amount of cutting of upstands and possibly a small amount of polishing.  In some circumstances where installation is far away from our factory or where requested, on-site processing is possible.

We ask for a 10% deposit at time of order to hold your price. The balance is then paid on completion of the work with the exception of the template fee which is due after the template has been completed.

Payment can be made by card, cash or instant bank transfer.  Sorry but we do not accept cheques and we cannot process American Express card payments.

Getting a quote couldn't be easier.

Either call our main office on 0330 016 0000 during standard worktops hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri / 9:30am - 1:30pm Sat) OR Click Here to choose a colour range and get started.